Digitalisation is advancing. You hear and read this sentence everywhere. In everyday life, it is particularly visible in shopping, when digital payment systems take effect and the new TV is even smarter. But where do the new technologies show up in agriculture and why should farmers be interested? The event “Digital Soil Science – Insights into Precision Farming” aims to shed light on such questions in parts. After all, the farmer’s most important asset is the soil. The strengths of digital possibilities: Important values such as nutrient contents, various yield potentials on the land, but also the current condition of the arable crop can be recorded via sensors. The data is then relatively quickly converted into tangible knowledge, for example fertiliser maps. Some farms are already fully digitalised, while others may regard the digital revolution as complicated and too theoretical. But when used in a targeted way, it can provide very concrete information. There are now several different systems, a few of which will be presented in short talks and technology demonstrations. The event is organised by “Agriculture in Dialogue” and aims to provide insights into a sometimes elusive topic. What digital technology brings to the men and women on farms, where it helps and what it all costs is what we want to clarify: On 7 October 2021, from 9 a.m., in the construction machinery hall of the agt Trebbin farm, Trebbiner Str. 12 in 14959 Trebbin. Registration is requested. Further information: Click here for the program.