The ILU showed its best side on 23 January in the new “Practice meets Research” format organised by the Brandenburg Food Industry/Sustainability Cluster and Berlin Partner. During the Green Week, the Institute of Food and Environmental Research (ILU) introduced itself to interested companies in the food industry and scientific institutions. At five stations, ILU scientists described the skills, knowledge and opportunities that the ILU has to offer the industry in terms of practical support. In addition to modern chromatographic analysis methods, the ILU also has a baking laboratory. Products such as baking mixes and semi-finished products are developed here. The ILU also scores highly in the field of fermentation, for example in the development of new beverage specialities. The ILU also offers its services in product optimisation and technology consulting. Thanks to its own extruder, product developments can also be offered, primarily in the confectionery, snacks, soups and sauces sectors. The ILU also has extensive experience in molecular biology and the cultivation of various species of microalgae for biomass production.

The ILU would like to thank all the guests who attended for the lively exchange of ideas and looks forward to working with the companies.

Here is an impression of our services: