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The Diversity of ILU projects: From Bean Drink to Bioreactor

The thirst for knowledge and the spirit of research become concrete when they are implemented in projects. Each project is determined by a basic idea or a problem. The questions we explore here revolve around new foods and their production. In the “FavaDrink” project, for example, we are currently developing a new beverage based on the field bean. In “FischVak” we are looking for a way to give rainbow trout a vaccine. But the ILU is working on more advanced biotechnologies: In the “UpWaste” project, we are testing the conversion of waste into a usable raw material, and with “PilzPack” we are developing packaging material made of mycelium mesh. New projects are regularly added to the current ones, but it is also worth browsing through the completed projects. Take a look around.