• 30 years of the Institute for Food and Environmental Research e.V.

    21. May 2021

    This year, the Institute for Food and Environmental Research e.V. […]

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  • PhD for Sandra Grebenteuch

    22. November 2023

    The Institute of Food and Environmental Research (ILU) has recently […]

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  • ILU study on microalgae: Galdieria sulphuraria minimises microbial contamination

    22. November 2023

    The microalgae Galdieria sulphuraria grows under highly acidic conditions. This […]

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  • ILU Gender and Diversity Concept

    3. August 2023

    Scientific institutions assume social responsibility. In order for the ILU […]

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  • Networking and transfer for BMEL-Projects

    10. July 2023

    The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) is funding […]

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  • UpWaste conclusion in Riga

    24. May 2023

    Scientists from institutes across Europe involved in the UpWaste project […]

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  • Sorghum Field Day of the FIB on 1 September

    26. August 2022

    The coordination office at the ILU provides information: For many […]

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  • Exciting Presentations on Water Technologies

    23. August 2022

    Water always flows downhill, so they say. But it can […]

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  • ILU Annual Report 2021

    18. July 2022

    Finally. What the ILU has achieved throughout the year can […]

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  • Small clever helpers

    5. May 2022

    On 3 May, ZALF (Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research) […]

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  • ZALF Field Robotics Workshop

    2. May 2022

    Tomorrow it starts. Robots are on the loose again at […]

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