The new year at the Institute of Food and Environmental Research (ILU) starts with a new Board of Directors, which is reconstituted every four years. It was elected at the beginning of December last year, but only now have all those involved managed to take a photo together. Prof Dr Daniel Pleißner has now been elected to the Board as Chairman, replacing Prof Dr Sascha Rohn. Maxie Grüter is a new member of the Executive Board, replacing Ines Gromes. Norbert Eggenstein is still on the board as the third member. Pleißner thanked the former board members: “We would like to thank Ines Gromes and Sascha Rohn once again for their work in developing the ILU over the past few years. Fortunately, both will remain with us. Ines Gromes will continue to work for the Coordination Centre. Sascha Rohn will take over the constitution and chairmanship of the Scientific Advisory Board.” The advisory board will support the institute’s work with scientific expertise and make recommendations for fields of activity. One thing is already clear: the new Executive Board wants to strengthen the area of food research.

In the photo above: The new ILU Board of Directors consisting of Maxie Grüter, Daniel Pleißner (centre) and Norbert Eggenstein.