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New Ideas wanted

This quote is particularly true at the moment. The state of Brandenburg, like all regions in Germany and the world, is feeling the effects of climate change. The traces of rising temperatures are particularly evident in agriculture, an industry that already has a hard stand in Brandenburg: the soil in many regions is sandy, does not store water well and often offers fewer nutrients. The challenge for farmers is increased because relatively little rain falls between Brandenburg an der Havel and Frankfurt (Oder), from Wittstock / Dosse to Cottbus. The average temperatures, which have been rising measurably for several years now, increases the pressure on farmers. Climate change challenges long tried and tested arable farming systems.

In addition, farmers are faced with further problems: the prices for the food produced are sometimes minimal. Requirements, for example, in matters of nature and animal protection are increasing, and consumers have high expectations regarding their nutrition and food production and how this will change in the future.

It is essential, therefore, to find many solutions for new questions, but also to readdress old issues.

Farmers can answer these questions, as can science and industry networks. To achieve maximum benefits, all parties should come together and share their knowledge in the endeavour to find solutions to all questions and concerns.

We at the coordination office strive to help address the right questions and develop the best solutions. In short: We want to support the transfer of knowledge between the different experts in agriculture. We work especially close with agricultural research centres.

Our goal is to coordinate a network of experts and knowledge.