• Bilder_Norbert_Eggenstein

    Norbert Eggenstein

    Executive board

  • Ines Gromes (M.A./Master of Arts Graduate engineer)

  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Pleissner

    Member of Board, Head of the Environment Division

  • Gabriele Schöber

    Research assistant

  • Judith Ettinger (B.Sc. Food technologist)

    Research assistant

  • Timm_Eggenstein_Beitragsbild

    Tim Eggenstein, (Brewer)

    technical co-worker

  • Alexander Timm (B.Sc.)

    IT staff

  • Dr. Sandra Grebenteuch (Food chemist)

    Head of Food Division

  • Stephanie Schönfelder (Graduate Biochemistry )

    Research assistant

  • Tanja Stahn (Diploma Engineerin, Biotechnology)

    Project Manager

  • Lara Mathew (B.Sc. Food Technology)

    Research assistant

  • Julia Dalichow (Bachelor of Science)

    Research assistant

  • Nicole Händel (Diploma Engineerin, Biotechnology)

    Research assistant

  • Corina Kleps (M.Sc. ; Biotechnology)

    Project Manager

  • Dr. Kathleen Zocher

    Project Manager

  • Martin Almendinger (Master of Science)

    Project Manager

  • Regina Storandt (Agricultural scientist)

    Project Manager

  • Alexander Voß (Graduate engineer)

    Project Manager

  • Maxie Grüter (M.Sc./Master of Science)

    Member of Board

  • Julian Delbrügge, (Forestry Engineer)

    Project Manager of Coordination Office

  • Sabine_Schwechheimer_Beitragsbild

    Sabine Schwechheimer


  • Janka Auginski (Graduate economist)


  • Dr. Andrea Lüttger

    Project Manager of Coordination Office

  • Sascha-Rohn_Beitragsbild

    Prof. Dr. Sascha Rohn

    Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

  • Bild_ILU_Krenz

    Lina Krenz (M.Sc.)

    Project Manager

  • ILU Mitarbeiter

    Lukas Tillig

    Apprentice brewer and maltster

  • Mihaela Stankova (Dipl.-Lebm. Chem.)

    Project Manager