The Institute for Food and Environmental Research (ILU) e. V.

Many Tasks and Projects with the same Goal: Research for Practice

With around 25 men and women, the Institute for Food and Environmental Research (ILU) works in various fields to make food safer, to facilitate regional food systems and to find ways to protect the environment and improve conditions. The institute has been researching grain processing since it was founded 30 years ago. Therefore, one of our tasks is to develop new ideas for the medium-sized food industry. Just as important is the institute’s commitment to finding solutions to conserve resources and protect the environment. These are the basic topics that drive the ILU:

In cooperation with the medium-sized food industry, we develop products such as innovative baked goods, look for ways to improve baking processes, and in general, experiment with new raw materials for food production. We also work in other branches of the food industry, such as fish production.

In order to protect our environment, we work on waterbody research projects and collect new data about the recycling of residues from the food industry as well as agriculture; while continually developing techniques in these areas. Importantly, we also investigate ecological solutions for everyday use – for example: packaging material.

But we also support primary production and, for example, are working on new approaches for the increased cultivation of legumes and researching the production of animal feed with raw materials from the circular economy. In addition, the ILU improves the transfer of knowledge between science and agricultural practice. The coordination office for research-based testing was set up for this purpose.

We are also open to the ideas of others: We accept outside orders and assignments and offer our expertise and services.

We always pursue one goal: Our research should lead to practical results.