The Bio4Food project is looking for ways to increase yields in agriculture. For this purpose, the ILU scientists extract crop residues. The extracts can act as plant protection agents or biostimulants. The latter is supposed to increase the content of health-promoting minerals such as iron, magnesium and zinc in the plants. In addition, extraction residues are composted and examined for soil-improving effects.
ILU scientist Martin Almendinger presented the project at the conference of the German Society for Quality Research (plant-based food), where he also presented a poster. One of the results was that initial preliminary tests showed that some extracts have strong effects on the root and shoot growth of Arabidopsis thaliana. “So here we could speculate on a kind of biopesticide,” Almendinger explained. The scientist is currently working on other exciting results, such as the effect of the extracts on the vitality of pests. In addition, the poster he submitted won second place. The ILU congratulates its colleague – of course, this is also due to the cool project.
Click here for the poster:ILU-Poster Bio4Food

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