Detection system

Development and testing of a detection system for determining technical-technological characteristic values for the quality description of foodstuffs, in particular baked goods

Quality control at baking businesses is to this day a process involving little by way of automation, with samples being taken from production and manually measured and assessed. 
The laboratory equipment typical for this purpose take the form of island solutions, while external criteria of the products are at the present time evaluated by means of individual or process-specific measuring methods, and the products and samples to be examined frequently have to be destroyed in the process. 
The detection system developed in this project makes it possible, by way of an innovative and uncomplicated technique, to acquire, calculate and process technical and technological characteristic values for baked product characterization, and therefore quality assurance.  This can be carried out directly on the baked product, which means that it is not invasive. Further advantages are easy, user-friendly handling of the equipment, less effort in the sample preparation, a high number of measurements per time unit, a minimal error quota, small space requirement, and only a limited requirement for cleaning. 
The tool  serves both to ensure consistent product quality as well as providing an objective instrument for the definition of quality parameters. 


Part project ILU e.V. 
Preparation of the basic principles and procedures for the quality assessment of bread and small baked goods, taking into consideration optical and gravimetric sensor technology and the testing of a prototype under conditions relevant to actual practice 


2014 - 2016


Central Innovation Programme SMEs (ZIM) of the Federal Ministry of the Economy and Technology




Dipl.-Ing. Annette Lehrack


Strelen Control Systems GmbH Griesheim