Climate/Bioeconomy Coordination office

Bioeconomic solutions and measures for adaptation to climate change

The climate is changing. That much is certain. How this affects animals and plants, as well as us humans, varies in our knowledge. For example, what do higher temperatures mean for agriculture, how must the economy change in order to act in a more climate-conscious way, where do we need to conduct research in order to work more with nature? Because no one can answer these and many other questions alone, networks must be formed. In this way, the effectiveness of research and knowledge transfer can be increased and results achieved in a more targeted manner. These are some of the tasks of the Climate and Bioeconomy Coordination Office. Other tasks include:

– Developing bioeconomic solutions for the German government’s sustainability agenda
– Identifying and tapping the potential of the bioeconomy within ecological limits
– Expanding and applying knowledge of biological interrelationships
– Researching and finding sustainable resources for the economy
– Promote systematic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
– Initiate measures to adapt to climate change
– Involve society and intensify national and international cooperation

Particular attention is paid to developments in the European region. The EU’s Horizon Europe programme primarily supports calls for proposals in the two clusters:

– Climate, Energy and Mobility
– Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment.

Here, the Climate and Bioeconomy Coordination Office will initiate projects and organise participation.

There is particularly close cooperation in the transfer of knowledge, techniques and technologies for agricultural practice with the following institutions:

Institute of Inland Fisheries e.V. Potsdam Saacrow
State Institute for Apiculture e.V. Hohen Neuendorf
Teaching and Research Institute for Animal Breeding e.V. Groß Kreutz
Institute for the Reproduction of Farm Animals e.V. Schönow
Teaching and Research Institute for Horticulture and Arboriculture e.V. Großbeeren
Dairy Research Institute e.V. Oranienburg
Research Institute for Post-mining Landscapes e.V. Finsterwalde

Contact: Dr. Andrea Lüttger, e-mail: andrea.luettger(at)

The coordination office is funded by the Brandenburg Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection.